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Read our latest paper on miRNA regulation

Congratulations to Thu on her latest paper on miRNA regulation, showcasing our new miRFluR technology. Read it here.

Congratulations Faezeh Jamechenarboo on passing your 502!

Great job on your presentation!

Congratulations to Rui (Ric) Qin on passing his candidacy exam!

Great Job Ric!

Watch Prof. Mahal’s latest talk at ISV on Youtube!

Watch Prof. Mahal explain our latest flu research!

Prof. Mahal explains our latest research on how glycans are important in flu severity!

The Mahal Laboratory is looking for Postdoctoral Fellows!

Interested in joining? Multiple positions available. Email a C.V. and cover letter to : to apply.

Congratulations to Shuhui Chen on her J. Proteome Research Paper!

Her paper shows the role of age in the glycomic host response to influenza! This work and our recent work in PNAS show the potential …

Our PNAS paper on influenza severity and the glycome is now online!

Congratulations to Dan Heindel, Lauren Zhang, Sujeethraj Koppolu, Brian Kasper, Chris Vaina, Lawrence Meche and our collaborators on their work showing glycans associated with severity …

Congratulations to Dr. Daniel Heindel on completing his Ph.D.!

Dr. Heindel is currently starting his postdoctoral fellowship at the Icahn School of Medicine in the laboratory of Dr. Catarina Hioe studying HIV. Congratulations Dan!

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